Update on Pastor Saeed

Here is an update from Naghmeh Abedini on pastor Saeed… (March 29, 2014)

Saeed remains in a private hospital in Tehran. Close family members have been allowed some visitation. Although he looks very skinny, he is feeling much better thanks to all of your prayers and being able to be in a better environment (hospital) where he has been able to have good food (meat!), hot shower, and bed for the first time in almost two years! Saeed continues to shine for Jesus in the hospital and has been a great witness. Thank you for your prayers! 

We should know by April 2nd if Saeed will be granted Clemency for the Iranian New Year. New reports coming out of Iran show resistance and conflict within the Iranian government. Since the new Iranian president has taken office (over the last 9 months), human rights violations have worsened and prisoners were not granted the promised furloughs that had been granted in the previous years under president Ahmadinejad. 

Our family would appreciate your continued prayers for Saeed’s health and release, for open doors for the Gospel for Saeed and for me as I travel, and for our children who desperately miss their daddy.

Love you all


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