Video Proof of Shameful Behavior

open letter to Eastside Baptist Church, Twin Falls,

Dear church,

There is an issue in the city of Twin Falls that stands to divide the Lord’s people. It is an unrestrained patriotic sentiment. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone who may read this and not understand my warning. I simply ask you to give ear to my following warning.

My reason for addressing you today is to give a frank warning of a man who does not live in Twin Falls. His name is Lance Earl. He has been in the city off and on for the past few months organizing a people to push city authorities to do what he demands.

He is an activist from eastern Idaho. He presents himself as a Christian. He claims to be acting as a Christian would. He is in fact a Mormon and teaches Mormon doctrine. (I have spoke to him and this information is from my personal discussion with him and videos he posts on his website.) He is not of the true gospel of the bible.

We obviously do business with all kinds of people. Many times we vote politically with people of different faiths. We work with and for people of all faiths. That is not the issue.

There are things Mr. Earl may be able to teach many people about the second amendment and safe tactical skill with firearms. He may help educate some on the constitution, as he claims. But when he begins to speak with authority on Scripture he has to be held accountable to Scripture not simply as a patriot.

Be aware. Be careful. He is not the example of what I would put before you as one who is representing Christlike attributes. Again, he may aid many people with patriotic intent, but he is no representative of Jesus the Christ as described by the Bible as he claims he is.

We have Romans 12, Romans 13, Ephesians 5 and many other texts that teach us how to behave toward governing authorities and law enforcement.

This following video was posted on his website as an attempt to invite citizens of Twin Falls to action. I don’t have any say on how any other church or citizen should respond, but this is not what I call an honorable action of a Christian. Obviously, any one is at Liberty under theĀ blessed constitution of the United States of America to exercise the first amendment. Let no man keep any of us from doing so. But I plead with you to not hold this man as an example of how to do so.

After sharing this; I encourage you to be a prudent, careful observer of facts. Don’t be intimidated by Mr. Earl. I don’t make any demands upon anyone, this is a warning to all to proceed with caution.

One last caution: the anger of men cannot accomplish the righteousness of God. Exercise caution if you share this post and speak humbly if you engage on social media with this matter. Attempt to do most of your disagreement in personal conversations. The social media machine is a beast.

Watch, listen, observe. (I do not present Mr. Earl as a godly example of how to speak out.) I am willing to be judged in the same manner I’m judging Mr. Earl. I call him out because he claims to be a Christian in my phone conversation and in other videos.

Open comments to Mr. Earl,
* You claim that the city is under siege by lawlessness and corruption. I attend city meetings and hear council members governing with respect and restraint. That doesn’t mean they get a free pass to do anything. The reasonable citizens of Twin Falls are capable of being a self governing people by the grace of God.

* Mr. Earl, Your use of the molestation of a 5 yr. old girl is shameful. Sexual deviance did not arrive in Twin Falls with refugees. I trust the government to prosecute all sexually deviant lawlessness.

* Mr. Earl, You claim that you confronted three of the “most corrupt and despicable men” in Twin Falls. To make this claim you must have a standard for corrupt and despicable. You don’t share this standard you just claim it. That is unfair treatment of men you don’t know. Make no mistake, all in Twin Falls are corrupt and despicable and in need of the grace of God.

* Mr. Earl, You make claim to being manhandled, frisked, violated without cause, thrown up against the wall, etc… I’ve watched the video and found all officers conducting themselves with due authority, restraint, care. What is your standard for the above accusations.

* You accuse two police officers, whom you don’t know, of being dishonorable. The shame is on you and your video is the proof of your shame. I would never put this video in front of any young boy in my city as an example of a patriot or a Christian.

Repent of your sin, plead that God would accept you based upon the blood of Chist and be rescued.

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