What Can a County Clerk Do?

“To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience.” Kim Davis – Rowan County, Kentucky

Kim Davis, a county clerk from Kentucky, is doing what governors and county sheriff’s won’t do. They tell us their hands are tied by the law and judicial rulings.

Kim Davis is not denying marriage licences to just a few select individuals who would cause her to violate her conscience, She’s bold enough to not issue marriage licences to everyone.

This is what I asked Governor Otter to do when the 9th circuit court ruled that Idaho must begin issuing marriage licences to applicants wanting a marriage licence for a same sex union. Can a sovereign state Governor not instruct his county courts to stop issuing marriage licences? Could he/she be sued for doing so? Likely. If a Governor won’t why not a county sheriff?

I’m told the county sheriff is the most important public office a citizen can vote for because he/she has more authority on the local people than anyone.

I applaud a county clerk from Kentucky bold enough to obey her conscience. Where are the bold elected officials in my community? As I look around, I hear a lot of talk about how they can’t do what they know is right because laws prohibit them from doing so. Choose this day.

Meet Kim Davis. This will most likely cost her deeply.

Thank you Kim Davis, I pray other will see what kind boldness looks like.

Notice in the video how Kim Davis addresses the crowd and notice how the crowd addresses her and the others in the office.

There is something wrong in the land.

(by the way, isn’t it interesting that no one is reporting if she is a republican or a democrat?)

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