What Happens When Baptists Are Not Concerned With Doctrine?

This is what happens when Baptists don’t remain in their God appointed post speaking doctrinal clarity to their communities.

I’m not picking a fight with First Baptist Church, SLC. I respect that they are exercising their autonomy from any governing board or denomination. This is a distinctive I hold tightly to as a Baptist. This is an opportunity for me to remind Eastside Baptist why doctrine must not be ignored. This is why we must do the hard work and study Scripture. This why we submit to the Lordship of Christ and not obey our depraved passions and defend them as natural or God designed.

First Baptist Church, SLC has this statement on their website: “We are Baptists who are not too concerned with doctrine…”

This week First Baptist Church, SLC has been performing same-sex marriages with zeal.

Eastside Baptist Church, this is why we are concerned with doctrine. Fathers, be intentional to teach your households biblical doctrine.

We love all residents in Twin Falls, the Magic Valley and everywhere we sojourn because God loved us first. Because He loved us first we will continue to submit to the Lordship of Christ and the sufficiency of Scripture to speak into every thought, idea, emotion, philosophy and person of the truths of God defined by the Bible.

We warn all people, everywhere, of our total depravity and our immediate need for Christ to satisfy the full wrath of God on our behalf. God loved us while we were still sinners, all of us. We stand to warn all enemies of God to repent and call upon the name of Christ, the Messiah.

This is amazing love. God loved us so much to take the due, right, just punishment of our sin and save us from this wrath. Redeeming us unto Himself.

Doctrine matters! When it doesn’t, we get confused and begin to create a god for ourselves. I will look to no other god but God. I will preach no other god but God.

For clarity: Eastside Baptist Church has no affiliation with First Baptist Church in Salt Lake City. We are both local churches with autonomous church polity and we respect this freedom. These views expressed are not views that all Baptists hold, but this Baptist does.

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