What Man Intended for Harm, God Intended for Good

It’s difficult to determine the outcome of life circumstances based on circumstances. It’s difficult to see what God is intending for good when difficulty is ruling the day. Then there is the risky task of concluding the finished outcome of something that is still unfolding. That has been the way it has been for the past six years in relationship to a gospel work God has begun, birthed in disaster, bathed in humiliation and seasoned with joy.

I want to share a brief moment from a recent trip to Haiti with pictures. Anyone wanting more details of the ongoing ministry of New Horizon Home/School/Church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I’m more than willing to share more details either in print or in speaking with your church or mission/ministry groups of our ongoing, unfolding, unfinished, developing work in international gospel work.

Here are a few moments from the most recent trip.

img_20161101_0939359881 img_20161101_1026004121 img_20161101_0940232491 img_20161101_1026091771 img_20161101_1050053541 img_20161102_2012268801 img_20161103_1045464451 img_20161103_1201319931 img_20161106_0655139461 img_20161106_0700137051 img_20161106_071841642_hdr1 img_20161106_0842143161 img_20161106_0910443201 img_20161106_132624919_hdr1 img_20161106_1756391511 img_20161107_081256641_hdr1 img_20161107_081442528_hdr1 img_20161107_081449719_hdr1 img_20161107_0829105831 img_20161107_0818256441img_20161101_0940095931

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