What Would Happen If Your Church Did This?

I’m starting week 10 of a 12 week bible study entitled “Behold Your God” (I recommend it to all of you).

The teaching has been challenging and convicting in many respects. Likely the most sobering moment, a reality check if you will, came in the day 5 portion of week 9. The author John Snyder, was explaining that Jesus was submissive to the Father in all he said and did. Meaning the way He did things was as important as what he had to say.

on page 187, Snyder hit the nail with accuracy as he spoke about John 10:37; “If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me..”

He expressed it like this for the pastor.

“This is certainly not a popular pattern today. Just imagine for a moment a church that prints a great banner and hangs it over the pulpit. It reads: “If our pastor does not do the kinds of things that are in harmony with our God, then he is a liar and you are not to listen to him.”

I think I would preach with much more fear and trembling. I would preach with more grace, I would prepare sermons with more tears, I would preach with more urgency. But more so, I would live my life with more grace, I would shed more tears, I would live with greater purpose and urgency, I would be more careful with how I live.

I told my church last night that I would be alright if they put this kind of banner behind our pulpit. Not because I don’t fear the implications, but because I want this kind of accountability.

What would happen if your church did this?


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  • Scott

    May 4, 2015 at 1:49 PM Reply

    I believe every pastor should serve with such a heart, but that is not what you asked.

    My experience is primarily in Southern Baptist churches with congregational polity. While I agree with Biblical congregational polity, it often result and manifests with the idea that the pastor is an employee of, and subject to the desires of, the members of congregation. For this reason, without comprehensive teaching on the role of the pastor and his authority under Christ, the relationship between the congregation and the pastor, the sinful nature of all people, including the pastor, and Biblical accountability reconciliation, and restoration principles, I believe there is great opportunity for misunderstanding and abuse.

    But to answer your question directly, if it were hung in any of the churches in which I have served, First, it would have little impact in how I serve as I am already profoundly aware of my accountability to Christ (Hebrews 13:17), which is eternally greater than any temporal accountability to the church body. Second, it would be understood and received well by some church members who would be great sources of accountability and encouragement, and by others it would be used as license to be overly critical of the pastor. My observation is that some people do not need any encouragement or excuse to be critical of the pastor, or any other servant in the church for that matter.

    Let us know how it works out for you

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