Hypothetically Speaking…

-hypothetically- Let’s just say, The church has cancelled all corporate prayer gatherings indefinitely where the time is devoted to the Christian discipline of prayer. What happens next at your church? Someone in the church inquires why. After inquiring, it is reinstated immediately. The first thing that happens in that prayer gathering is that the church

What if the House of Prayer was Empty?

There are unmistakable biblical markers of what a New Testament church should be doing when they gather together. There are sure things that ought to cause a New Testament church to gather together. (1) Preaching, (2) Singing, (3) Caring for each other (especially for widows and orphans in distress), (4) Baptizing converts, (5) Eating, (6)

Prayer for Revival and Awakening

  Dear Beloved Eastside, I want to report to you of how I have found the past few days of combined meetings with churches in our area and encourage you. As you know, since this past Lord’s Day (January 22) John Franklin has been preaching each evening at 7 p.m. in Jerome at NorthRidge Fellowship.


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