Where is the Nation’s Morality

The current spiraling of sexual immoral behavior of politicians, news reporters, and Hollywood producers is tragically really nothing new. But it is ruling the news most days. A nation troubled by the sexual misconduct of irresponsible men and women are at the same time complicit by the promotion of a hyper sexualized nation. If we,

It Only Looks That Way At Times

Today, the Times News posted my monthly column (HERE) next to an article on a church offering glitter in their ashes for their drive by Ash Wednesday experience to start the month of Lent. The gates of hell will not prevail! It only looks that way at times. ___FULL COLUMN HERE___ Dear reader, I’m not in

Prayer for the Next Generation

In the Lord’s way and in the Lord’s timing, He has blessed and is blessing Eastside Baptist Church with a generation of Children. Never in the history of Eastside Baptist Church has there been a season quite like this one. Five years ago Eastside asked God Almighty to forgive her of trusting in the methodologies

An Inspection of the Foundation

(The first title I had for this post was “Why I’m Not A Republican Even Though I Usually Vote Republican”, but this is more than a political post and it might scare some and even anger others to discover I’m not a -registered- Republican.) I’m getting ready to make preparations to move my mom to Idaho

What Does A Church Do?

News of intentional attacks against non-Muslims in Pakistan on Easter Sunday and reports growing of the number of worshipers dead continues to climb leaves a mind of a follower of Christ in relative peace at a juxtaposition. Especially a local church putting the final touches upon a building process. What does a church do? What

Recognizing True and False Teachers

Last night, March 20, at Eastside Baptist I gave some biblical guidelines related to the duty of the church to make proper judgment on recognizing true and false teachers/preachers. The content of the message was difficult because it included naming Saeed Abedini as currently not displaying or producing fruit of a true teacher according to

Don’t Get Me Wrong – I’ve Said Dumb Things Too (updated)

Watch this before reading any further: updated 3/3/2016 (7:51 pm mtn. time) Andy Stanley responds on Twitter to his comments: “The negative reaction to the clip from last weekend’s message is entirely justified. Heck, even I was offended by what I said! I apologize.” I saw this video posted by Voddie  Baucham and Stephen Bratten


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