Significant Scripture

As I’m preparing to begin preaching through the book of Judges I have been studying the concluding days of Joshua as the people prepare to take the inheritance promised to their fathers. Joshua’s sermon in Joshua 24, has required long moments of meditation and consideration. It has brought a soberness to my mind with consideration

They Heard the Angel of the LORD

As the snow continues to accumulate I thought I would share a quick favorite moment from the past few days with my family. We gathered at Silas and Bianca’s after the Christmas Eve service of Eastside Baptist Church. This was a first time in several years for Renee and I to have both boys present

This Past Week

This past week at theBridge: Monday, December 10: Do You Love Me: I’ve been told in various settings that there are no dumb questions and no wrong answers. I’ve lived long enough to prove both of those statements wrong. I am still trying to master the art of asking good questions.Here are a few of the good questions… (continue

And They Were In Terrible Distress – (updated)

And they were in terrible distress. Judges 2:15 (ESV) Early this morning, like many of you, I heard the reporting of a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. There is little to say about this and offer up much of a thought. I have been in prayer and of a deeply troubled spirit. I’m in

It’s A Good Day To Be The Church

I’m looking forward to the arrival of  the new pastor at NorthRidge Fellowship in Jerome, ID. Jeff Norton and his family are actually en-route to Idaho as I pen these thoughts. I’m looking forward to this brother’s friendship as I have all the men God has brought through this fellowship over the 12 1/2 years I’ve pastored


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