The Tale of Two State Governors

Last week, August 16, 2017 Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, signed HB 3391 giving all residents in Oregon the burden of paying for all abortions.

Today, August 25, 2017 South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster, signed executive order removing the burden from all tax payers of paying for abortions and defunded Planned Parenthood and all abortion providers of all public funds. (Official Executive Order)

I expect several things will begin to happen:

  • Gov. Kate Brown will be declared a hero and Gov. Henry McMaster will be villainized.
  • The state of Oregon’s new law will likely stand because it came through the House. South Carolina’s executive order will be overturned soon because it was an executive order.
  • The state of Oregon will win bids from ESPN, the NBA, the NFL, to host major sporting events guaranteed to bring millions of dollars to the state economy and South Carolina will begin to see the same entities and other businesses “black ball” the state.
  • Christians/Churches in both states will be called upon to endure with grace while given the pleasure of suffering for the sake of the Gospel.
  • Most of the nation will forget about both within a short amount of time and other unprecedented “progressive” actions will become “normal” and historic defenders of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will continue to be labeled “narrow minded bigots”.

May God raise up a prepared people to speak into this day with gospel clarity. May the church repent of her laziness. May communities hear a faithful preaching people and repent.


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