Stand Firm

The Christian discipline of standing firm is of interest in this week’s column. Have you ever been walking along, sure footed, and then all of the sudden, found yourself on the ground? The risk of falling is increased when conditions are slippery, like they are in the winter. Then the danger of falling is at

Is Your Church a Church or A Community Group?

Yesterday, February 16, 2018, I exercised my privilege as a citizen of the great state of Idaho to appeal the House Education Committee not pass out of committee House Bill 579. The experience is always a breath taking experience. If you’ve never engaged in the process of your government you should find a bill some

Today, Your Freedom Has Come

Journal entry from February 17, 2010 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti ___________________________________________________________ I’m guarding my heart and mind against disappointment, yet I believe we will go home today. Alex came by today with a note saying he is sure we will go home this week. He seems to think even today for most of us, maybe. We

Update on the New Idaho Sex Education Bill

The first look at an attempted updated sex education bill introduced in January in the Idaho state legislature was eventually scrapped and re-worked to include stronger language about family. That House Bill 414 is no longer an active bill. The new sex education bill is H-0579 (posted below) was introduced earlier this week and was

How Important Is It To Know?

When state legislators are in session the people better be paying close attention. There is a bill right now before Idaho legislators to address the language of the law concerning Family Life and Sex Education. (section 33-1608 Idaho State Legislature). The link I have referenced is the current law, amended last in 1970. Here is

Burning in the Soul

Last night, February 4, 2018, was the second of 12 Burning in the Soul preaching events at Eastside Baptist Church. Pastor of the Magic Valley Bible Church in Twin Falls, Greg “Bear” Morton preached on the Intercessory Work of Jesus. The exposition was faithful and helpful. Share this with others to encourage the faithful.  

Doug Pullin: He died with His Work Boots On

Funeral service for Doug Pullin will be on Saturday, February 3, at 2:00 p.m. (the service will be streamed live HERE) His obituary was published today in the Times News HERE. I’ve known Doug for longer than I’ve been the pastor of Eastside Baptist Church. I fist met Doug and Angie and their sons while


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