Sermon Audio Updating

In recent weeks Eastside Baptist Church has made upgrades to what is available at SermonAudio. This is where we archive sermons (currently over 300 audio sermons). The upgrade now includes video. This addition gives our church family opportunity to stay connected when they are away, sick or unable to attend in person. It is also

Cottage Prayer Meeting

Eastside Baptist¬†will still gather for prayer tonight at 6:30 p.m. We will gather at the church house and other homes throughout the snow covered valley. You can join us for “Cottage Prayer Meetings” in your home via live streaming. The parking lot will not be plowed out and the wind is blowing snow over the

Prayer for the Next Generation

In the Lord’s way and in the Lord’s timing, He has blessed and is blessing Eastside Baptist Church with a generation of Children. Never in the history of Eastside Baptist Church has there been a season quite like this one. Five years ago Eastside asked God Almighty to forgive her of trusting in the methodologies

The Gospel

Tomorrow in the Twin Falls – Times News: _______________________________________ Joy In The LORD! On the eve of 2017 we have yet another natural moment for annual evaluation and projecting hopes for the coming days. Like the dawning of any new year, we get a moment from the Author of time to reflect and consider. Not

A Post Christmas Note and Blessing to My Family

The Christmas weekend was filled with great moments. As always, there’s something about snow fall on Christmas. Even though it is statistically low to actually have a ‘white Christmas’ we have enjoyed two in a row here in Twin Falls. I had multiple times to gather with my biological family and my church family. All

Since May of 2010, Eastside Baptist Church has been archiving sermons from Sunday morning gatherings. Currently there are over 330 sermons available in .mp3 downloadable files. I want to share with all of my pastor friends and members of churches looking for a place to archive sermons to give consideration to We began using

Covenant Keepers for 30 Years (and counting)

Location: First Baptist Church, Clovis, NM Date: December 20, 1986 Occasion: Marriage of Paul Robert Thompson to Teresa Renee Culberth This annual celebration of our marriage grows sweeter as the days fly by. December 20, 2016 makes December 20, 1986 seem like decades ago (3 to be exact). I am pleased that God would give