Things Every Student Needs to Know

An open invitation to every student preparing to arrive at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho. Dear Students, Welcome to Twin Falls, Idaho. I hope you find this city and the College of Southern Idaho a pleasant place for the unknown number of months/years you’ll be here. But more than that I

Preparation for Gathering with the Saints

Renee and I have spent the better part of this afternoon hunting for anywhere that has solar eclipse viewing glasses for sale. Where the total solar eclipse zone is just 80 miles north, Twin Falls will experience 96-97% eclipse. Our search for eclipse glasses today proved a failed hunt. However, there is no shortage of

What if the House of Prayer was Empty?

There are unmistakable biblical markers of what a New Testament church should be doing when they gather together. There are sure things that ought to cause a New Testament church to gather together. (1) Preaching, (2) Singing, (3) Caring for each other (especially for widows and orphans in distress), (4) Baptizing converts, (5) Eating, (6)

When Hate Hates Hate

It didn’t take long to learn after returning from a remote weekend at Camp Perkins in central Idaho that hatred for others was the international headline from the Land of the Free, America. Many articulate articles, columns, interviews, and social media posts find me in agreement with many (Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, local radio, and

Grace Alone

This is part 2 of a 5 part series on the “5 Solas”, being published in the Twin Falls Times News. If you would be willing, visit the full column HEREĀ and share the link from the Times News. This helps communicate to the Times News that a column like this is read. __________________________________ Grace Alone

Sufficiency of Scripture

Today, a video project I’m involved with on repentance was released today entitled “The Winds of Philosophy and Methodology”. Visit this link daily for reflections on repentance. The Winds of Philosophy and Methodology from NCFIC on Vimeo. Tomorrow, July 8, 2017 the Times News will publish my column on the Sufficiency of Scripture in print

Effective Ways to Reach Youth and Young Adults

First, realize that the title of my post today is with my tongue in my cheek, sort of speak. I’m not employing the title to attract readers. When I’m away for a stretch of time I like to take a moment and catch up on my regular reading circuit of newsletters I subscribe to and


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