Public Bathroom Use Is Not the Issue

Who’s America are we living in? What is happening right before our very eyes? I have many things to say and all of them are being said by many others as well, but what woman in the nation, in her right thinking mind would feel safe in a public shared bathroom at Target? And what parent

Book Review of Doxology and Theology (PT. 3)

Last night (4/19/16) I met up with John Martinez, Steve McMullin and Bradley Kinch again to process through and think about the whole of the worship gathering of the Lord’s people and what is required of those who lead out in the gathering. We gathered at one of my favorite places in town, Chick-fil-A, to

Backyard Buffet and Some Autumn Solitude

At meal time in my house we are blessed to have guests. Sometimes those guests are birds of a feather or even this frequent visitor that inspired Renee’s entry into the annual Art & Soul of the Magic Valley art contest. Feel free to share this and encourage others in the area to vote for

Book Review of Doxology and Theology (pt. 2

Last night (4/12/16) was the first gathering and discussion we (John, Steve, Bradley and myself) had on Boswell’s book, Doxology and Theology. It was our original plan to meet at a local coffee house and have the discussion with a cup of coffee (hot chocolate for me). But the coffee house we went to closes

Book Review of Doxology and Theology (pt. 1)

From time to time I like to do a book review while in progress. Tonight, I begin a weekly discussion with three brothers (John, Brad, and Steve) of a book we are reading together; Doxology and Theology – How the Gospel Forms the Worship Leader. I’ll attempt to post a few comments from the discussion

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor of InterMountain Christian News, Boise, Idaho Dear Mr. Harper, First, the intent of my letter is to help – not destroy or confuse. My straightforwardness is not to discredit the legitimacy and seriousness of the unfolding of the events around Saeed and Naghmeh Abedini in the public eye. You and Intermountain

A Floating Ax Head, A Plot to Capture Elisha, and Cannibalism

Three take-aways from re-reading 2 Kings 1 – 5: An alliance of wickedness will not prosper. Scripture makes it clear that we are never to choose to be bound together with unbelievers We can have uniformity with those who do not follow God, but we can never nave unity. Now on to chapter 6 –

Open Letter to Saeed Abedini

First, to the reader: the intent of this post is to help – not destroy or confuse. I have attempted to make personal contact with Saeed Abedini multiple times in private to gain clarification on some very serious issues that have surfaced since his release in January from Iran. My straightforwardness is not to discredit

New York vs. North Carolina

If you haven’t read the Governor’s Executive Order from the State of New York regarding the prohibition of state funded or state sponsored travel to North Carolina yet, you should do yourself a favor and read it. You might even gather the family together to read it as an exercise in careful judgment on the