Quick to Hear

Presidential debate hype is in full swing. I’m hearing and reading that potentially 100 million people will view the debate tonight. If true, it will be the most viewed presidential debate in history, dating back to the Carter/Reagan debate. As always, there will be more said about the debate than any candidate will actually say.

Reformation – An Ongoing Work

Is there a difference in revival and reformation? Fundamentally, yes. Where they feel similar, the work of revival is what God brings and the work of reformation is what God empowers men to do. 500 years ago Martin Luther ignited a movement that we now call the great reformation, but he was not the first,

The Fear of God and the Voting Booth

Browser not supported. Visit www.270towin.com When you live in a blessed land like the United States of America it is a sobering truth that the follower of Christ, as defined by the Bible, has both a privilege and responsibility to engage in this amazing moment in the election process. From all pages of the Bible

Responsibilities of a Pastor (Shepherd)

From the Circuit Rider’s Library Sermon Title: Responsibilities of a Pastor Sermon Text:Psalm 23 Date: October 28, 1990 Location: Thermopolis, Wyoming In this message from the Circuit Rider’s Library, the sermon notes contain four simple lines… Responsibilities of a Pastor – Ps 23 Lead Feed Protect That is it. There is nothing else to the notes.

The Sanctity of Life

Is there a political party with a stronger platform on the Sanctity of life than the Constitution Party? Is there a presidential candidate with a stronger, clearly articulated and historically faithful position than Darrell Castle? Church, this year the “concervitive” party of days gone by had a chance to defund Planned Parenthood and at the

Political Cesspool or Fresh Air?

“let us do evil that good may come?” (Romans 3:8)   What kind of logic is this? flawed logic! Learn more about Darrell Castle HERE.   This interview with Presidential candidate Darrell Castle is a fresh wind across the political cesspool. Church family, please take the time to listen to this interview. Listen with conviction

Open Letter to the Twin Falls Police Department

Dear Twin Falls Police Department, I don’t know many of you by name but I see you all throughout my home town. You are appreciated. It’s hard to not get tangled up in the weeds of all the national buzz about our city and the unfortunate way some have spoken to you and about you.

Video Proof of Shameful Behavior

open letter to Eastside Baptist Church, Twin Falls, Dear church, There is an issue in the city of Twin Falls that stands to divide the Lord’s people. It is an unrestrained patriotic sentiment. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone who may read this and not understand my warning. I simply ask you to give