A Castrated Language Is A Weaker Language

By the grace of God, Idaho did not begin issuing marriage licenses to ‘same-sex’ couples this morning. By the way, if you were planning to get your marriage license today, I would encourage you to look closely at the language on the application. If it has the words “Applicant A” and “Applicant B” instead of “Bride” and “Groom”, ask for a current license that reflects the law of Idaho.

It’s like my favorite sweater. I defend it to my dying day, but one day it started unraveling.

If the ninth circuit court of appeals lifts the defense of marriage between male and female then we will see the beginning of the unraveling.

What will become of the marriage license application. This is what the Twin Falls County office is considering. Currently the language of the license list a “Bride” and a “Groom”. By definition, these words are feminine and masculine. If the change happens the language becomes neutered or castrated

(the two pictures are used from the Times News at magicvalley.com)


A castrated  or neutered language is a weaker language and a weaker language leads toward more weakness. The changing of a marriage license today seems like a small matter today, but in ten to twenty years we’ll see that the concession for deviant behavior has lead us deeper into the depravity of life than we ever expected to be.

Twin Falls County, please hold strong and bold. The blessing of the Lord is a favor we don’t want to see  removed because we gave a compromise in the name of being civil, modern, fair, loving. All things that we have already been doing.

All people, everywhere, repent while it is still called today. I’m calling the court house this morning to voice my desire as a citizen in Twin Falls County that I hope our county will keep our language strong and healthy.

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