A Rare Moment

In the past 15 years of being a pastor at Eastside Baptist Church I have never received a phone call like this one. (my pastor friends will relate.)

It is no surprise to answer the phone at my office from time to time from someone needing help, most of the time from legitimate minor needs and a few attempts of scamming (O the stories I could tell.)

Today, the phone rang with the usual; “can I speak to the pastor?”

After introducing myself the party on the other end began their story of how I once helped them when they were in need and how ESBC was willing to help when others were not able. They no longer live in the area but wanted to just say “thank you.”

I told them that we can’t always help but happy to do so when we can. It was one of those times we could.

After telling them of the kindness of the Lord’s people at Eastside Baptist and their willingness to help that they told me they wanted to order pizza for me for lunch.


I explained to them that there is no expectation to return a gift for the aid we gave them. They insisted that they felt compelled of the Lord to express gratitude to a people who were willing to help them in a time they were in great need.

PizzaHutPizza Hut showed up a few moments later with lunch.

Well, I must say it again; WOW! I’m still smiling and going in for another slice as soon as I’m done writing this post.

The gratitude expressed to me for helping is really a reflection of the kindness of the humble people I pastor.

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