An Open Letter to the Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention

Dear Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention,

I have recently traveled overseas with Phillip Grant to the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I want to take a short moment of your time to express appreciation for the partnered work of Phillip on this trip and potential upcoming ministry/mission trips in the future with college students from the Utah/Idaho region.

I found Phillip willing to do all that was asked of him along the journey. He was helpful with transportation details and willing to help in any task asked of him. Not only was Phillip willing, as important as that is, Phillip was able and prepared to help.

As with any ministry/mission trip, schedules and plans change within moments. Phillip was able to endure the need for flexibility and always ready to give reason for the hope he has in Christ Jesus. He was able to articulate the gospel to children and adults with clarity, while speaking through the aid of a translator.

I’m thankful to express my appreciation to you for this partnered minister of the gospel to college students in the Utah/Idaho region. I thank the Lord for any future assistance Eastside will need from Phillip both local and abroad.

(Also, I express appreciation to Jason McNair for helping with transportation logistics at SLC International Airport, and pastor Gail Graves and the Lord’s people at Trinity Baptist in Boise, Idaho for the use of your van.)

For the glory of God, thank you Utah/Idaho Southern Baptists.

(Following are some pictures you may enjoy.)


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