Apostate Preaching

The experience at the Idaho state house on Monday (January 26, 2015) was memorable and made a profound impact upon my civil minded being. Yet, I can not escape the kind of blaspheme and apostate preaching that took place in the Lincoln auditorium from some “clergy.”

I was pleased to meet others from the Twin Falls area at the hearing. I was pleased to hear their appeal from Scripture. I am thankful for their willingness and kind appeal to the committee to not pass House Bill No. 2 out of committee for full house action. May the Lord bless their ministry.

But there were also some from the Twin Falls area representing various faith based churches that appear to have given little consideration to the authority of Scripture and exchanged obedience to God for popularity of men.

The Twin Falls Times-News reported the hearing HERE.

Because I was there, I can testify to you that the reporting of those quoted in the article is accurate. As usual, context is missing from some of the quotes, but as a whole, the article fairly represented the hearing. My full testimony is posted HERE.

Because the hearing and the reporting of the hearing is a matter of public record I am bound by duty to warn all of the apostate preaching of Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Idaho, Brian Thom.

No, bishop Brian Thom, the bible is not ambiguous on homosexuality. It is not innate, unalterable, permanent and a gift from God. God does not want anyone to be “happy in a same-sex relationship.”

Can you offer any biblical evidence for your apostate opinion?

After reading this, and you are a member of an Episcopal church in Southern Idaho, you should ask your leadership for biblical evidence for this unbiblical position. When no biblical evidence is given to you, request for a removal of any bishop or spiritual leader in your church. If no removal or biblical evidence is given, flee from that apostate church.

Gary Lancaster, pastor of Canyon View Baptist Church in Filer, Idaho testified last night. His testimony was biblically strong. His appeal to the committee was compassionately strong. I’m thankful to the Lord that I met him and his wife and will look forward to other gospel proclaiming moments in the future.


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