Defund Planned Parenthood

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time working on writing letters to elected public servants from county sheriff to local school board, from state government to national government.

When a person writes an elected public servant he feels like his concern it the most important matter and wants immediate attention given the the issue. It’s important to remind yourself that there are a lot of issues and serious matters that are being addressed and then when there are big issues that many people are writing in about that it takes time and the individual must be careful to listen to all his/her constituents and then give a logical and reasonable reply.

So far I’ve received a grand total of 5 replies. Three were automated and two personal. I’ll be patient.

In the mean time… have you written or called? Here is a starter list of who to contact and some samples of my letters HERE.

If you are writing letters, consider these helpful tips…

  • Keep Letters as short, yet informative, as possible. (three to four short paragraphs)
  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Write your letter, get a second opinion, drink a tall glass of ice water (if your heart rate is still high, drink another glass of ice water), then re-read before sending
  • When you get a reply – be sure to repeat all of your previous steps and be sure to reply back and follow up on unanswered questions or new questions from the correspondence you receive.

Now, go be a responsible citizen.

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