Divorce, A Financial Drain on Local Governments

CitizenLink reports that “family breakdown” costs taxpayers approx $112 billion per year in America. Read that sentence again…

That’s $1 trillion per decade.

Part of this financial burden on the government comes from professing born-again believers. I respect that there are real people with aching pain walking through some of their darkest days. When there is a lack of biblical preaching on this matter we should not be surprised that the financial expense on the court would be drastically increased.

What if the church spoke into this matter with care and boldness once again?

There’s no doubt the taxpayer will have a bill to pay as the family continues to breakdown. But what if the church took responsibility of this critical matter? What if the state let churches issue their own marriage licenses and divorce had to be achieved through the church where the marriage took place?

At least the church would no longer be a financial burden to taxpayers for marriages they performed. Marriages would have increased accountability. Churches would have increased responsibility. Government could spend money on civic needs rather than paying the ever increasing bill of “family breakdown”.

Can you imagine if just Christians stopped divorcing… not that that is a radically biblical expectation. The financial burden on the taxpayer is among the last reasons for the church to put greater investment into family strength, but it is at least a reality of the day we are in where family breakdown is showing to be a great burden.

The primary reason for the church to always speak into this matter is because this godly relationship is ordained of God as a representation of the Gospel.

Hey, husband and wife, this is a good day to speak the Gospel into your community by not being a financial burden to your fellow taxpayers.


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