For Church and Family (007) Clothing

In this short clip I give instructions about training children in how they dress and behave at the church house on the Lord’s Day. Talk about why we dress differently on the Lord’s Day than any other day. The why is very important on this topic.

Tips for Church and Family

  • Parents:
    • We are not building a case for a dress code. As a parent, we want to train our children about the significant event we are going to participate in and we dress significantly different for significant occasions.
    • Make the plans on Saturday night for what each of the children will wear on Sunday morning. This will help so that there is less stress on the Lord’s Day for finding the matching socks, locating a belt, or what color shirt/blouse goes with what color pants/dress.
    • Make this a normal routine while they are young. Remember you are training a child in a pattern or way. Make this a special routine with special treats upon occasion.
    • Model this in what you wear.
  • Church:
    • Encourage parents who are doing this. This is not an easy thing to do on early Lord’s Days. It is a lot of work and effort.
    • If you speak about a child’s clothing, be sure to only mention the clothing.
    • If you see families dressing nicely on the Lord’s Day, consider helping them by setting an example for them and their children.
    • Show these young ones in our congregation that this special gathering deserves nice clothing.

NOTE: This is not a matter to get too worked up on. But don’t miss the benefit that this is. It is not a small thing.

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