For Church and Family (009) the Lord’s Table

In this post I encourage parents to formally train their children about the Lord’s Table at home so that when they are at the church house and the gathered saints proclaim the Lord’s death in the corporate proclamation is something to watch. Teach them why they should wait to take it until they have made a confession of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Tips for Church and Family.

  • Parents:
    • This is important because your sons and daughters are watching a people make confession about the death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Explain what the cup and the bread represent.
    • Explain why, especially if they are young and asking questions, who is able to take the bread and the cup.
    • Point out that those who take this when it comes by have made Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives and submit to him as their Lord.
    • Explain only those who professes this do this.
    • With holding it from them is not abusive. It is actually eternally helpful, until they are old enough to understand what is actually happening and if they understand.
  • Church:
    • Treat this with seriousness.
    • Heads of households, gather your family together when the pastor instructs you on the Lord’s Day and pray with your family. Your children will not think this strange if you do what the pastor instructs.
    • When you pray, pray for salvation to come to those who are not yet redeemed.
    • Pray for the boys and girls as they watch and listen to what is happening at this moment. The Gospel is being proclaimed.

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