Free Will

Why don’t we call it what it is? “subverted, perverse, fickle, wavering…” I know why, Free-will sounds so much more attractive to our subverted, perverse, fickle, wavering, sinful nature.

“The very name, Free-will, was [extremely unpleasant] to all the Fathers. I, for my part, admit that God gave to mankind a free will, but the question is, whether this same freedom be in our power and strength, or no? We may very fitly call it a subverted, perverse, fickle, and wavering will, for it is only God that works in us, and we must suffer and be subject to his pleasure. Even as a potter out of his clay makes a pot or vessel, as he wills, so it is for our free will, to suffer and not to work. It stands not in our strength; for we are not able to do anything that is good in divine matters.”

Martin Luther – Table Talk

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