Golden Winter (#4-031)

Art and Soul of the Magic Valley starts this week.

Silas Thompson Fine Art has another entry in this year’s Art and Soul of the Magic Valley contest. You can join Silas this Saturday (April 19) from 11:00 AM -2:00 PM at Rudy’s-A Cook’s Paradise in Twin Falls for a live painting to kick off this years Art and Soul contest.

Here’s the information on Silas’ entry #4-031 Golden Winter.

The contest is an annual event in Twin Falls, it begins on Friday, April 18, and concludes on May 3. This is a local contest based on voter participation. The viewing public is invited to vote for their five (5) favorite entries. You have to be present to vote (unlike other elections). There is actually a lot of good art to select from. Enjoy.


Follow these three (3) simple steps for voting:

1) Pre-select your top five entries by viewing all the entries online HERE,
2) Be sure to visit Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise (147 Mail Ave. West) and take a picture of yourself to enter my contest (see rules below). And enjoy all the kitchen gadgets while you are there.
Twin Falls Center for the Arts Magic Valley Arts Council 195 River Vista Place, Twin Falls, ID. You will get further information on the rules for the Art and Soul Contest and how to vote for Silas’ work #4-031 Golden Winter.

(You will have to vote for four (4) other entries, the $10,000.00 grand prize is awarded to the entry with the most votes.)

Obviously you don’t have to vote for Silas’ painting, but if you don’t you will be required to buy five of his paintings before the end of the year (I think that is the way the rules work, I didn’t read all of the fine print so I’m just trying to save you some money while you help Silas out… everyone’s a winner this way.) If you need help voting, just give me a call and I’ll gladly help you out. Be sure to tell everyone you know to vote for entry #4-031.

Post this on your Facebook wall, twitter account, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, print it out on sheets of paper and staple them to telephone poles, bulletin boards at the grocery store, car windshields at the mall, etc… I will be shamelessly promoting this as the proud dad. You should plan a trip to Twin Falls between April 18 – May 3 just to vote.

theBridge will be sponsoring a side contest with really cool prizes for everyone who submits a picture of themselves at Rudy’s with Silas’ painting in the background. You can submit your photo via text message to me at  (two zero eight – 410- two five two nine) or email to me at (idahopaul (at) gmail (dot) com). I will post all pictures here and then work through a very scientific process with complicated algorithms and such that will randomly select a winner. Good luck to all. Seriously, you should do this.

Here are Silas’ other paintings at The Gallery. They are not eligible for the voting but can be viewed at The Gallery in the Lynnwood Shopping Center on Filer Ave. in Twin Falls. Also be sure to visit for other painting selections.




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