Gospel Shoes

I have many friends who are missionaries around the world. Many of them keep their churches informed on how to pray for them with blogs or newsletters. Reading their updates are among my favorite things to do with my prayer time because I’m able to pray for them as they have needs, and to pray in agreement with them is significant. This is a treat that the modern church has that the historic church did not have, quick access of information on what is going on in the mission field and how the missionaries are doing. In the early days of the church it could take months for this kind of information to reach the church; today it is with us in a matter of seconds (if they have electricity, internet, or security clearance to communicate. Many do not.)

Let me take some time over the next several weeks to introduce you to some of those I pray for.

Matt and Gayle Boyd: They are currently finishing up language school (French) in Canada with hopes to be in Senegal, West Africa soon. They offer regular family updates. They have three children. The oldest two have each started a blog. You should consider reading their posts, especially if you have children at home. Do more than just read their posts, pray for them and write them a quick note.

  1. All Senegal for Christ: One Family’s Journey To Go Where Christ Is Not Known
  2. The EZ Life: Going Where Life Is Not Always Easy.
  3. Baby Steps of Faith: Stepping Away from the Familiar and Into the Unknown…Step By Step…

These are dear friends of mine who have strapped on their gospel shoes. “Behold, on the mountains the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace!” Nahum 1:15 (NASB)

Matt and Gayle are missionaries with United World Mission. Maybe the Lord would lead you and your family to minister to those who have not yet heard the Gospel by sending the Boyd family to Senegal. Visit www.uwm.org and give online to Matt and Gayle Boyd Account #31415.

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