In Search of a Pulpit

In some circles that sounds like a pastor looking for a new church. For some reading this, this is the start of a rumor. But in reality, I’m looking for a new pulpit; a literal pulpit. This is really quite exciting. As I have matured in the ministry I have grown to an ever increasing position of fear and trembling when it comes to preaching. This is not simply a 25 minute (shhhhhh. don’t tell people at Eastside that some preachers, and very good preachers at that, preach for 25-30 minutes) lecture packed with inspiring illustrations to motivate a people to do something. This is a most sacred event of public gatherings. The reading and teaching of the Bible. Wow.

In respect to this, I’m looking for a new pulpit. One that represents the duty of preaching the word. Now, I know and believe that preaching of the word can take place with or without a pulpit, But in a building largely designed for the public preaching of the word, I want a pulpit that reflects this and yet does not distract from this. The replacement of the current, see-thru lectern is not a statement for or against this style, it’s just a search for one more suited to my liking


pulpit4So, I’m posting this here in the event that someone or some church may have a pulpit that looks like this… someone who can draft up plans to build one like this. I’m no Craig’s List shopper or eBay trader. This blog is no attempt to start a pulpit trading venture. It’s mostly, just me searching for a new pulpit.

My search has been narrowed to this style of pulpit, it is solely based on preference. There is nothing magical or mystical, nor should be, to style or design.

Chuck Helman, working on the temporary platform.
Chuck Helman, working on the temporary platform.

The men of Eastside continue working on finishing touches on our new building. Recently a couple of men have been working on our temporary platform. I’m thinking it’s time to search with interest for a pulpit.

If you are aware of a pulpit factory outlet somewhere, let me know…

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  • Reformed Pastor

    March 25, 2014 at 10:02 PM Reply

    I’m too looking for a pulpit just like that! If you find the plans or the pulpit let me know.

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