Judge Appointment in Kansas

You must be asking, what does a governor appointment to the Kansas court of appeals have to do with a guy from Idaho?

This is part of a story I love to think upon as I think of the grace of God:

The first time I ever remember seeing the name ‘Caleb Stegall’ was on a hand written note passed through a crack along the door frame of an old rusty iron door in a Haitian jail. The note was written on a torn piece of paper and handed to me from a woman of God, Nikki Lankford. The note was dictated from a text message that had just come in from home. It was in a day when good news seemingly evaporated within moments of it being spoken, like a raindrop on desert soil. Renee had just been informed from our sister-in-law, Marta Culberth, that a man, a godly man, from Kansas was willing to help us. I read the name on the note, and knew not who he was. But because Renee said he was a godly man, I was thankful to the Lord to hear the name as though he were a life-long friend. This was a man driven by justice to offer his skill and expertise to a group of people many wanted nothing to do with.

So, today, I rejoice for the citizens of Kansas. May the Lord bless your land and lives by the appointment from Gov. Brownback of Caleb Stegall to the Kansas Court of Appeals. And may the Lord bless his obedient servant as he sets his mind and action to be a blessing the all residents of Kansas. The name, Caleb Stegall, will not be forgotten in my home.

When good news evaporates like a raindrop on desert soil… There is still hope, wait upon the Lord, His delivery does not delay nor will He disappoint.

February 19, 2010: NBC News

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