My opinion is better than your stupid opinion

Let’s agree: This is a matter of serious importance and it is a global debate that is in full swing. And it appears most of us don’t know how to fairly debate anything. It works like this…

“My opinion is better than your stupid opinion.” or “Let’s just agree to disagree.” I don’t like saying or hearing this kind of jargon in matters of serious discourse. True; there are sometimes stupid opinions and there are times when we agree to disagree. But neither of those conclusions work in this one.

There’s a popular argument I want to address in a future post on this matter that I’m hearing. “Jesus was a refugee”! I’ll hold my opinion close at hand right now on the right and wrong of that statement. (I fear it will get me off track of the starting place I have here.)

There are only a few places in written/spoken media that is not committed with both feet in one camp or another on the refugee issue.

We (Christians) are so quickly and easily divided at times.

There is no doubt the global scene is tragic at many levels and in all places around the world.

This kind of situation calls for us to be careful in what we do and how we say what we say.

And it shows me how little I understand some things at times. Here’s something that is causing me to process and meditate on.

JURISDICTION: This seems to be more a question of jurisdiction than compassion. The church should know her jurisdiction and give attention to all within her duty (even to the ends of the earth).

The church is not granted jurisdiction of public safety, it’s not the churches job or duty, that is given to the state (secular government) by God, who has the jurisdiction to give it to the state (secular government). The jurisdiction of the church is preaching the gospel, prayer and to give aid to widow/orphan/poor, those in great need. If the state brings them – the church cares for them.

Personally, I don’t want a state to bring non-vetted or under-vetted residents; but if the state were to be so foolish to do so then this church stands ready to help all residents the state recognizes.

This kind of day reminds me of how important it is that I understand God’s order and jurisdiction he gives for our benefit and we are in a better place to advance His gospel when we submit to His order.


To be clear, I do think that there are stupid opinions at times. And I agree that you are free to disagree with mine.


  • Chad Beck

    November 17, 2015 at 1:25 PM Reply

    Paul, I concur.

  • Helen Requa

    November 17, 2015 at 3:59 PM Reply

    Sounds right to me. I just think we should be much more careful who we bring in here I was glad when our gov said we would wait on this

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