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Beloved Eastside,

I greet you today in the grace of God. I want you to know of a few updates on the church website and encourage you to use the new Live Streaming as a way to introduce friends who don’t have a church home to Eastside.

The purpose of the Live Streaming options are not intended to be a substitute for gathering at the meeting house of Eastside. It is intended to allow your participation when unable due to being sick, distance, unable to gather or days when weather makes travel dangerous.

Mid-Week Prayer Gathering: the mid-week prayer gathering is still and always will be password protected. I have moved the location of this online to the church website and off of my personal blog site because I’ve learned how to set up a password protected page.
  • Here is the location of the video feed for the mid-week prayer:
  • Password: request password (will change at times)
  • Please contact Paul via mobile phone that you have logged in to the prayer time. It is important that we know who we are praying with.
  • Please do not share or post the password with anyone. They are welcome to contact me and I’m happy to give them the password.
Lord’s Day Morning: Every Lord’s Day at 10:30 a.m.
We are now streaming the video on our SermonAudio site. You can still access it at Again, this is no substitute for gathering in person with the church family, but it has been a blessing to many when they’ve been unable to come. This is not a perfect technology for us yet but it is improving. Feedback when you log in is helpful.
    • consider “sharing” this link with friends who don’t attend a church.
    • consider “sharing” this link on your social media sites.
    • consider “sharing” archived sermons and/or excerpts on social media sites.
Lord’s Day Evening: Lord’s Day at 6:30 p.m.
Gathering on the Lord’s Day evening is a long term practice of Eastside Baptist. We are among the few in the region who still gather on Sunday evenings. There has been steady growth to the p.m. gathering. This is a good time to invite others to come with you.
We live stream the evening gathering as well. Currently, nine men in the church are doing the teaching/preaching. This past week Mark King started. If you missed this, I highly recommend you take the time to listen ( This coming week, Steve McMullin will do the teaching.

    • Consider “sharing” this link with friends.
    • Consider “sharing” this link on your social media sites.
    • Consider “sharing” archived sermons and/or excerpts on social media sites.
    • Consider inviting neighbors/friends/coworkers to your home on Sunday night to watch the teaching and then use that time for extended discussion.
From Behind the Pulpit: short video to help prepare for the coming Lord’s Day gathering, help with family worship time, prayer, and other things happening at Eastside.
Times News Column: Every 4 to 5 weeks I am the guest columnist in the Twin Falls Pastors’ Column. (disclaimer: I don’t like the title of the column because not everyone who writes for the column are biblically qualified pastors) I have been writing for the Times News for over 6 years now and take advantage of the moment to speak into a topic of the day and always attempt to give clarity of the Gospel. The online version of the column offers people a chance to respond and comment, it is not always real helpful for you to feel the need to defend your pastor from rude comments. I
  • Consider sharing that column on your social media sites.
  • Consider using the column for discussion in your home, with friends, coworkers.
  • Your sharing the column I write communicates to the Times News that people read it. Newspaper is all about circulation.
  • My column will be published this weekend (Feb. 4) My personal blog is a place were I communicate many things online. I write about various things, promote links to things I’m reading, links to sermons at Eastside,
SermonAudio: For the past 7 years, all sermons are archived here. There are currently over 330 sermons available from your church. There are thousands of trustworthy sermons from some of several pastors around the world.
These are many resources for you and for your use to share with others. Please do.

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