Open Letter to Salmon Valley Baptist Church

GETo the Lord’s people who gather at Salmon Valley Baptist Church in Salmon, Idaho,

About three weeks ago I received an email from Scott Hanberry. He informed me and invited me to consider attending this year’s Preacher School. After I called your pastor to inquire, I signed up. This past week I had the privilege of attending the Idaho Preacher School.

I was encouraged and blessed by the event you hosted. I’ve known your pastor, Mike Palmer, ever since the Lord moved him to Salmon. I’m thankful to the Lord for your ongoing ministry to pastors and lay-pastors in the region.

As a pastor without formal training, this past weekend was a helpful investment in my life. It is my prayer that the Lord will bless the labor of your work and investment in preachers in the region. Thank you.

You were generous to provide the meals and lodging. You were courageous to stir pastors to be diligent students of Scripture. You were kind to this pastor in Twin Falls, Idaho and the Lord’s people at Eastside Baptist Church. Thank you.

I know that the kingdom of heave does not work on the economy of indebtedness so I’ll be careful to not cheapen your kindness and love expressed to me and many other pastors. Please know that I’m deeply grateful to the Lord for your investment in my life, albeit a few short days, may their be eternal fruit as a result.

  • May the Lord find pleasure in blessing your fellowship and the community of Salmon. Even though I didn’t meet most of you while I attended the Idaho Preacher School, I count it a joy to have spent the few days in your beautiful building and community.
  • May the Lord bless your pastor and his family for their kindness toward preachers like me.
  • May the Lord bless His holy name while you obey him in events like this.
  • May the gospel banner be advanced throughout the region as God uses your investment in churches and their pastors.
  • May churches be pastored by men God has equipped at Salmon Valley Baptist Church.

For the joy of the Lord,

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Paul Thompson
Eastside Baptist Church, Twin Falls, Idaho

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