Public Bathroom Use Is Not the Issue

Who’s America are we living in? What is happening right before our very eyes? I have many things to say and all of them are being said by many others as well, but what woman in the nation, in her right thinking mind would feel safe in a public shared bathroom at Target? And what parent thinks it would be a good idea?

Is our government really spending time writing laws to give men the right to use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms?

Are public schools really giving confused boys permission to use girls bathrooms?

Well, this is our America and it is reason for the church to be the church.

I just finished reading a very good article by Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, entitled “5 Keys to Cultivating Biblical Manhood in Your Church.” I highly recommend for you to take the time to read it. You’ll be encouraged by what Dr. Allen has to say. Send a link of this post to your pastor in case he hasn’t read it yet.

Here are a few short excerpts to show you why you need to read this article. Share this with as many pastors you know. Thank you Dr. Allen for this good article and ministry you give to the local church.

“…as Christians our primary concern is not the country or the culture—it is the home and the church. If the latter are healthy, the former will be healthier.”

“The Corinthian church had men – or rather, males – but not MEN. And it was ruinous. When men don’t act like men, the church’s spiritual infrastructure collapses.There is a defined role of leadership, authority, and protection men in the church must play. For them, and their roles, there is no substitute. When they are absent from the call of duty, disaster follows. That is why the church must work to strengthen its men and seek to cultivate biblical manhood within the congregation.”

“…as preachers, we must be committed to preaching the text of Scripture—whatever it calls us to say—and preaching it with authority. Men need an authoritative word. Weak preaching makes weak men. Small preaching never moves men to great commitment.”

“…as preachers, we must maintain clarity in our churches in relation to gender roles. This clarity should accompany both form and function.”

“Can society flourish with a diminishing masculinity and the virtual disappearance of men?  I think not. More urgently, can the church flourish without the reappearance of men?  Absolutely not. Brother pastors, let us recommit ourselves to raising up a generation of godly men, ready to lead and serve the bride of Christ.”

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