Today the Baptist Press article that ran at Baptist Press last month was in print at SBCLIFE, a journal of the Southern Baptist Convention on page 16.

Here is a link to the SBCLIFE article. With some additional information from the Southern Baptist Executive Committee.

The part of greatest joy for me in this is that for the past 12 months God has been using Eastside Baptist Church to be involved in something bigger than we could imagine. New Horizon Home, a ministry of Eastside Baptist Church, is moving our 20 girls into a new home this weekend and preparing to receive 10 more girls in need of a home.

Where it is a pleasure to look back and see the kind hand of God  in a difficult season of life, I can’t stop blessing the Lord for His ongoing kindness to use this church in Idaho to provide food, housing, care, spiritual teaching and education to our daughters in Haiti.


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