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GESilas Thompson has an entry in the Art and Soul of the Magic Valley art contest. This is the largest art contest in the Magic Valley. This is a contest decided by the viewing public. Good thing I took an art appreciation course my first year at university.

For the reader who lives in Twin Falls or will be in Twin Falls before May 3, you too can vote in the contest. Unlike political elections, you will have to have a photo ID to get your ballot. It does take some effort to vote, so I’ve taken the effort to help all appreciators of art by giving you a step by step ‘how-to’ guide in helping Silas win the Art and Soul in the Magic Valley contest.

  1. Voter Registration is at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts building located at 195 River Vista Place in Twin Falls. It is easily accessible off of North Washington (north of the Pole Line/Washington intersection. Follow the yellow flags to the Twin Falls Center for the Arts building.
  2. Once in the Twin Falls Center for the Arts building walk the stairs or ride the elevator to the second floor. Follow the signs to the room to register. Don’t forget your photo ID.
  3. After registering you will be given a ballot with your voter registration number and password. You will need this information.
  4. You are able to vote here, but you will need to know what pieces you are voting for.
  5. Take your ballot home with you (remember it has your registration number and password).
  6. visit, enter your registration number and password.
  7. All entries are online at Art and Soul of the Magic Valley
  8. You must vote for five pieces. The entries are not listed numerically or alphabetically, so you will have to search diligently for Silas’ piece, it is  number 4-031. If you do not vote for five pieces of art your vote will not count. (It is not required that you vote for the Elementary, Middle School or High School division.)
  9. Be sure to click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the website. Then you will be require to ‘confirm’ your vote.

It is no easy task, but then again a $10,000 grand prize is no small reward. Thanks for helping out.

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