The Manifest Presence of God

A few guys over at are discussing the topic of the manifest presence of God.

This is of great interest to me:

One of the most helpful things on this topic for me is two fold:

1) Psalm 139, 1 Kings 8:27, Jeremiah 23:24, Proverbs 15:3
2) Where there is no mistaking that the bible clearly shows us that there is nowhere God is not and that there is nothing that can singularly contain Him; there is no place that God is not already there. “Manifest presence” of God are those special moments where God’s presence is unmistakably present.

If God is everywhere, and I believe He is, then we must agree that he is equally present at a Mormon temple, a Muslim mosque, a kingdom hall gathering, a Masonic lodge, a Planned Parenthood clinic, a Satanic event, and a Baptist church service. He’s not being worshiped in these places just because they are places where He is.

Is it possible that God’s presence is manifestly different in places and times of His choosing where His people humble themselves? Yes.

O may He manifestly visit His church again.

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