The Sinner’s Savior


I hope you will join me on April 20, 2014 at 10:30AM as I gather with my family and friends on Easter Sunday. We will gather at the meeting house of Eastside Baptist Church located at 204 Eastland Drive North in Twin Falls.

I gather with Eastside Baptist Church nearly every Lord’s Day. We will sing some songs, read Scripture, pray, and  listen to a sermon.

I will preach a sermon entitled, “the Sinner’s Savior.” I hope you will consider coming with me. Let me know if you have any questions.

     “Adore and admire the free grace of God, and pray that it may lead you to repentance! Are you inquiring for the way of life: Never forget that by grace we are saved. Grace always pre-supposes unworthiness in its object. The province of grace ceases where merit begins: what a cheering word is this to those who have no worth, no merit, no goodness whatever! Crimes are forgiven, and follies are cured by our Redeemer out of mere free favor. No works can purchase or procure salvation, but the heavenly Father gives freely.”
     “Grace comes to us through faith in Jesus. Whosoever believes on Him is not condemned. O, sinner, may God give you grace to look to Jesus and live. Look, now, for to-day is the accepted time!”

Charles Spurgeon

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