There Is A Beast In the City

We’ve known this all along…

The murdering of babies is happening in our hometown.

There is a prayer vigil scheduled to happen: at 200 2nd Avenue N (Planned Parenthood), Twin Falls, Idaho Saturday, August 22 at 10:00AM.

Church, Planned Parenthood is murdering babies in your city.

Legally? Yes.

The selling of human organs and tissue may not be happening at 200 2nd Avenue North in Twin Falls, but babies are being murdered. It is unreasonable to think that an organization willing to make a business out of murdering unborn children is not also capable of other unethical practices. The Twin Falls Health Center (aka: Planned Parenthood) does receive state and federal tax money for services they provide. It is true that all funds given are for allowed women’s health services. And yes, this does free up other funds for abortions (over 200 in 2011)

The argument is that our tax dollars are not spent on abortions. This is not true. Yes, the argument is made that Planned Parenthood does not get direct money from tax payers to perform these abortions.

The truth is, that is not true.

The Twin Falls Health Center received both Idaho tax funds and federal tax funds money for two abortions over the past three years.

Two is two too many!

Grant it the funds were under $200.00 per abortion, but that’s $200.00 too much!

Now (take a deep breath), what must be done?

Church, repent of your laziness on this matter. Planned Parenthood is a monster and must be shut down completely. You and I can not make ourselves feel good about how good we are compared to the monsters we read about in the bible who participated in pagan, child sacrifices. We know this is happening today in our land.

If our elected officials will not aggressively put together a legal means to defund, and shut down all together, Planned Parenthood then we must call out, from among us, men and women who will allow us to elect them into public office.

Many say, “It can’t be done.”

It must be done. It must be done today.

By the grace of God, there have been faithful and courageous people and churches in the valley who have historically been active to speak out. We must continue.

NOTE: Planned Parenthood is scheduled to be open on Saturday from 10:00am – 2:00pm. It is important that you be respectful of the legal right that Planned Parenthood has to be open. It would be inappropriate to speak rudely, arrogantly, hateful to anyone. Our fight is not with flesh and blood. There is a devilish spirit behind the monster of Planned Parenthood whom we will humbly ask our God to deal with.


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