This Is Problematic

Just a few moments ago the Twin Falls Times News just posted an article on a disturbing development from the governors office.

Otter Wants Lawmakers to Study Faith Healing and Child Deaths… (for clarity – I’m not opposed to the state’s duty to protect all life even if it investigates people of faith and I abhor circus-faith-healing.)

Here are my initial observations:

  • It’s not a good sign when a “conservative” governor wants to study legitimate faith group practices.
  • I’ve been following this issue for a few years; where I think fraud and negligence are possible in faith groups, it is a breach of power and constitutional over-reach when a government wants to regulate religious practice.
  • Right now it is being reported as a “study”.
  • Every parent and every church should watch this closely and make contact with legislators often on this matter expressing concern of the potential over-reach.
  • Every church in the state of Idaho should watch this closely.


Dear Governor Otter,

Where it is honorable that you are expressing concern over the deaths of children, I ask, Why put this concern on families of faith?

  • Is your study to issues of medicine only?
  • Will a study of what families of faith teach their children follow?
  • Is it too far of a stretch to assume that a study will be in order for churches and what they teach with minors present?

This is no small thing you have just announced.

Why a study of families of faith and the death of their children while refusing to investigate Planned Parenthood and a study on the thousands of abortions performed in the state?

If children are being murdered by their parents of faith, then by all means, prosecute people of faith for murder. If there is reason to believe murder is happening then formally investigate.

I respect that you have a responsibility to all citizens of Idaho to protect all life. I respect this duty you have. Please exercise extreme caution in this study.

I appeal to you, yet again, to do all that you can to stop abortions in our state. It can be stopped. You can do something about this. Murder, protected by a law, is unthinkable.

Paul Thompson
Eastside Baptist Church – Twin Falls, Idaho

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  • kaye

    February 12, 2016 at 2:21 PM Reply

    I really think there is more important, issues out there then wasting money studying on faith and death

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