When Hate Hates Hate

It didn’t take long to learn after returning from a remote weekend at Camp Perkins in central Idaho that hatred for others was the international headline from the Land of the Free, America. Many articulate articles, columns, interviews, and social media posts find me in agreement with many (Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, local radio, and a conversation with Renee).

I stand with Scripture that calls life a “very good” thing. God’s created order of all people everywhere is a right, holy, and beautiful reflection of the glory of God. It’s been said, and I agree, that the kind of behavior that was upon display in Virginia over the weekend is of a hellish kind. To treat another creation of God with such disrespect and hate is not godly and should be identified by all as such. And many, many people have spoken out against it.

Yet there seems to always be a massive disconnect when it comes to the issue of life in the womb. This kind of hatred is protected by laws, judges, congress, and governments of “civilized” people. Murder in the womb is defended by many of the people that many Christians are quoting on social media. This kind of disconnect is shocking. Think about it… some Hollywood not-a-hero says that what took place in Virginia on Saturday is appalling, and it was, but that same individual will be found on another day defending the right for a child in the womb to be hacked apart limb by limb.

Where is consistency today? Where is the exercise of discipline? Who is speaking today with disciplined consistency? This is what it looks like when hate hates hate?

When there is no pillar of truth in the community, people chase after all kinds of inconsistent voices.

Follower of Christ, discipline yourself with a consistent voice. Don’t confuse your friends by quoting from some Hollywood moral drifter and then within a few moments quote a Bible voice. If there is anything to say in a day like this it requires disciplined consistency. To be a pillar and buttress of truth, which your city needs, be part of the pillar and buttress not a confusing standard that is sure to crumble soon.

What if in your community you quoted your faithful pastor preaching sound timeless truths for all people everywhere rather than a flash of show lights from an industry that has as much hate, if not more, than what was shamefully displayed on the streets of Charlottesville.

There is a remedy to this; the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as defined by the Holy Bible alone.

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