Who Even Blushes Anymore?

Ephesians 4:29
“Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth…”
The potty mouth now belongs equally to men and women.

I listened to a stump speech of a popular female “conservative” endorse a popular “conservative” presidential candidate.

(Let me just say, first, I like presidential election season. I really do enjoy it.)

Is there anyone who filters their language anymore? Sure, one might expect hyper-pumped emotionalism from a half-time locker room, but is it appropriate for a women (or man) in a political speech to talk about kicking your enemy’s ______? Or using human anatomy descriptors as appropriate? And then for that one speaking like that to be lauded as an evangelical Christian.

But really, does anyone care about wholesome speech anymore? Have we no shame?

intermission: I’m not saying potty mouth politicians are a new thing, or the qualifier of being or not being a Christian, I’m just saying… “Who even blushes anymore?”

Back on topic; This is really less about a political stump speech and more about a Christian’s duty in the public square.

Take a moment and examine your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. posts and see if you’re applying Ephesians 4:29-32. Is there even any consideration to what you post online?
Just a brotherly consideration for both men and women.
When Scripture says to “let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth” does that only mean when you are speaking when your pastor is around? No, of course not. You are a better student of the word of God than that, aren’t you?
I might paraphrase it like this… Let no unwholesome word [picture, video, quote] proceed [shared, posted, liked] from your mouth [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc].
Don’t forget that some of the sites you like and share, as funny as they are, have unwholesome other things you may be endorsing by sharing and liking.
  • pastors, you must be careful about this.
  • older men, you must exercise caution of what ‘unwholesome’ things you like and share.
  • older women, you must use discretion when you like another’s photo, posts, quotes.
  • younger (male and female), your generation has become un-shocked by nearly anything. You don’t have to be like that.

Stop letting unwholesome words [posts] define you. You don’t have to drop an f-bomb to emphasis your point. Why not use your words that will “give grace to those who hear”?

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