Why Does God Allow Abuse?

Questions that Demand an Answer:

Why Does God Allow Abuse?

This video features Josh McDowell. Listen to Josh McDowell tell his own story of how he was sexually abused as a boy. In this video, Josh McDowell also explores to rawness of the question, “why does God allow abuse?”

This question is asked often. It’s a question that demands an answer. I hope you’ll take the next ten minutes and listen to this biblical defense. I’ve prayed for you already. It is my prayer that the Spirit of God will minister to you as you consider this question. Maybe even the very question you’ve asked yourself in your similar situation. Maybe you have a close friend or family member who is in great pain because of abuse they have suffered, consider inviting them to watch this video. As you do, be sure to pray.

Click HERE to view this video addressing this important question.

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